Balance The Beer

A new innovative social phone game has been released on the Android Market

Can you Balance a Beer on a wet surface without it falling off?

Pick up the phone and hold it in your hand flat.

 Select a level of play: Sober, Buzzed, or Smashed.

Balance the beer by tipping the phone back and forth to keep the beer from sliding off for 15 seconds. If the beer slides off the screen, you lose, take a drink

If the beer stays on the screen, you win !
Take turns with any number of drinkers (players).

Each turn is a little more difficult. Losers sit out, and play continues until there's only one player left. Losers will buy the winner a drink

Good luck, and drink responsibly !

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a skylight1 production

credits and thanks to: Dario Laverde, Timothy Fagan, Morrison Chang, Cynthia Tian, Michael Riesel, Tatyana Solovyeva, Juan Handal, Sarah Chandler