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Useful Links main Java site at SunBI Java news, books and more.. DL Java Forums, Certification resources.. DL
Java GlossaryJava portal
WikipediaEnyclopedia is especially up-to-date with techBI BaseBI, to explain Java SDK with examplesBI
news://comp.lang.javaUsenet is good for asking questions, once you've learned basic nettiquetteBI
News BI
The Server SideYour Java Entreprise Community
IT Managers Journal
NewsForgeOnline newspaper of linux and open source
Java HaterClear your plate of all that Hate!BI
Podcasts BI
High Tech Career Handbookblog and podcastBI
Java PosseJava News and Interviews. Formerly JavaCastBI
WebDevRadioWeb development discussionBI
Projects BI
Apache Software FoundationOpen-source Java web projectsBI
FreshMeatSoftware project search portal (mostly Linux)BI
Java.netOpen Java project incubator
Java Open SourceList of Free Java projectsBI
McQueenyList of Free Java projectsBI
On JavaList of Free Java projectsBI
SourceforgeResources for open-source developers and a directory of in-development open-source software.
Servers BI
JBossis the first container to support EJB 3.0BI
GeronimoApache catching up quickly, with wide industry supportBI
Operating Systems:
Knoppix VariantsNo install, live distro
Snap Platform, aka SnappixKnoppix Linux loaded for Java developmentBI
MonoppixIf you had impure thoughts of .NET/C#, you weren't actually going to install the dark side, were you? ;)BI
Reference BI
Regular ExpressionsMany regexes, but misses Java :(BI
Tutorials BI
Java PassionFree online classesBI
JSP portal BI
Eclipse CVS ArgoUMLpdfBI the strictfp?BI
Databases: BI
MySQLMost popular Open Source database. Excellent online documentation.BI
HibernateOpen, abstraction layer above JDBC. Competes with JDOBI
JDOKodo is commercially successful. Any open implementations?BI
Oracle and SybaseGratis for personal education.BI
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and PuzzlesGood source of computer problems. Illustrated with applets.
Java Applets For Data Structures and Algorithms

Java News Links:

Java Books:

O'Reilly Book Excerpts:

Hardcore Java
By Robert Simmons, Jr.
First Edition March 2004
ISBN: 0-596-00568-7
352 pages, $39.95 US, $57.95 CA, £28.50 UK
Table of Contents
Chapter 2: The Final Story (PDF Format)

Head First OO Book
Not yet in print.
Offers a free 10 page UML Cheat Sheet for the SCJA.

Complete Java™ 2 Certification Study Guide, Fifth Edition
By Phil Heller, Simon Roberts
Overall Rating by Study Group (0 to 5 Cups of Java):0

Murach's Beginning Java 2 JDK 5
ISBN: 1890774294
"No other book teaches you so much, so fast, so thoroughly."

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