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Java Mobile Study Group

Welcome to the new Study Group: the Java Mobile Study Group

Primarily focusing on Android development, we will also on occasion visit related topics such as J2ME and even other topics (e.g. Java on iPhone using XMLVM as well as additional alternatives)

We meet at NYPC (New Yorker Hotel, Suite 550 - 34th St and 8th Ave) - please refer to main page for latest schedule updates! Wi-Fi is available at NYPC, please bring your laptops for hands on coding.

NEW UPDATE: Meetings focus on Skylight1 projects primarily: We've just begun several new projects for info contact study group leader. Open to NYC local developers only (must be able to attend some of the meetings) - the first hour features a beginner or feature tutorial / announcements / news and the rest is divided between the major projects, meetings adjourn at a local bar for additional discussion.

note: please see the skylight1 project site for source code, and to report bugs on the issue tracker.

The google code project site above is for both reusable framework components, the first game, "Balance the Beer" and new projects. Additional closed source repos are available to project members, to join the private Google Group please stop by a meeting. A complete project list is available at the Google Group. The two main projects are a 3D OpenGL game, "Seven Wonders" (hosted at and a Places and Events Framework

Meeting Schedule: currently we usually meet on Thursdays at NYPC (not always) - see home page for latest schedule updates!

Some Resources for new developers to Android
- we welcome all levels but expect you to have the basics down, e.g. Java is a prerequisite.

To begin, Google's docs are excellent and available at the following link below:
(you'll need to install Java, Eclipse (basic Java edition), Android SDK and Android eclipse plugin, and a SVN eclipse plugin (e.g. ).

Main Google Android Developer Guide is your best starting point:
note: to Windows developers: run the SDK installer exe found in the Android SDK folder
note: to Ubuntu developers: export GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=true

- we recommend reading the Application Fundamentals (memorize the Activity lifecycle diagram!) and the section on Standard Practices

Additional Beginner Notes:

Android SDK
Android Eclipse Plugin
Subversion Eclipse Plugin

Recommended Beginner Tutorials:

Video Tutorial of Notepad (I haven't watched. Let me know if it's good - MikeM)

OpenGL Info:
Nehe Android Ports
C++ OpenGL Video Tutorials - Approximately 20 video lessons compatible with Mac/Linux/Windows (just 'make').

Market Place:

Additional Resources:
DroidDraw - A basic UI tool for Android. The few tutorials are good for a beginner.

The various Google Groups including Beginner and Developer groups (search here first before asking elsewhere)

O'Reilly's video tutorials:

Mark Murphy's books:

Previous notes from early 2009 (prior to the Skylight1 project):

additional study group notes:
tips and tricks

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