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Interview Information
This space is intended for information related to the interview process. How to's, interview questions, exams, etc.
  • Attached to the bottom of this page is a 4 question java exam (quiz1.doc) that I give during java developer interviews. Eventually, I made question 4 optional. Most candidates stumbled on it.- GR

Job Topics

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1.Is catch block should be order ? i-e is arithmetic exceptions should cault first or SQL Exceptions should caught first ....etc)

2.How enumaration is used. write code..?

3.How Iterator is used write code...?

4.How can you call inner class...?

5.what is an anonymous class..?

6.I wanted to process HTML file using a servlet ,which method You will use..? doGet or doPost or execute..?

7.what is a framework...? weblogic8.1 is app server...? (yes but an outdated one)

9.How you will connect to database using Weblogic..? (using a resource hopefully)

10.How will U LOAD Type4 Driver..? write code..?

11.what is servlet filtering..?

12.what are Steams How will you use write code..?

13.what is design pattern..?

14.How servlets are used as controllers..?

15.what is ifference between sendRedirect & Forward..


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