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Java Architect Study Group

Java Architect Study Group:

Note: No meetings currently planned - for those interested please send a message to the Yahoo Group. Or vote on poll at either Yahoo group or Meetup group.

This study group was formed to prepare for the free beta exam for the new Sun Certified Enterprise Architect (SCEA 5) certification (finally updated for JEE 5!) A $650 value that counts towards official SCEA 5 certification.

Note: for the latest beta exam info please refer to Sun's link:
note: if link is not available try this javaranch post.

Note: although registration for the actual free exam is closed, feel free to stop by and join the group in study.

Multiple Choice (Part I) Beta Dates: September 27 – October 22, 2007
Assignment (Part II) Beta Dates: November 21st - December 26th, 2007 NOTE: changed to Dec 12)
Short Essay (Part III) Beta Dates: November 28th - December 26th, 2007

In order to proceed to Part II you must have passed Part I. You will then have 25 days to complete the assignment. (NOTE: no longer true, deadline for part II is now Dec 12) After you have completed the assignment, please do NOT hesitate to take Part III, the essay, to complete your beta certification.

There are no Java certification prerequisites, however the Sun Certified Enterprise Architect exam is designed for candidates with Java enterprise experience (typically 5 or more years)

- NOTE: if not scheduled on the main page to be scheduled between those who are taking the exam -

SPECIAL NOTE: studying together consists of reviewing the publicly known objectives and NOT discussing the Part II assignment (not even the name) as you are prohibited from doing so as per your NDA with Sun Microsystems. At the study group we will cover a case study from a published SCEA Study Guide book (still relevant to current version of the exam)

--> SCEA 5 Group Notes <--

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