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About This Wiki

About this Wiki:
This site is fully editable by all members, feel free to add and correct any web page. To become a member stop by one of our meetings.

Come have a look, browse around and add a link or two or correct a mistake. Maybe even share information or ideas with the other study group members. Its free, its open and editable by all.

To edit an existing page simply scroll to the bottom of that page and click the link "Edit this page" (The identical link is also on the Left Menu). This will open the page in edit mode. Simply add what you want to this page and click "save". Your contribution will be automatically added to the existing content. Don't worry about typos or formatting, someone will take care of that if necessary.

If you want to add a whole new page to the wiki simply put a reference to the new page on an existing page (e.g. New Page We need to know how to get to the new page) by editing the existing page and saving it. The link to the new page will then appear on the existing page in red. Simply click this link and the page editor will open automatically with the new page open for editing. Then just add your content and save! Don't worry if the content is put in the right spot or even relevant, someone will take care of that if necessary.

If you've done the above you've just contributed to the NYC Java Study Groups Wiki. Thank you! The more people who contribute the more valuable the Wiki becomes. So edit and enjoy!

Aloha k√£kou! BD-

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