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Welcome to NYC Java Study Groups JUG -

We are a NYC area based JUG (Java User Group) affiliated with

We are the Java SIG (Special Interest Group) of the New York PC Users Group,
one of the oldest computer users group in the country.

This Java SIG/JUG holds monthly general meetings and usually meets at NYPC (New Yorker Hotel, 34th St and 8th Ave) every month featuring guest speakers speaking on a variety of software development related topics.
Update: the monthly general meetings are now one in the same with the NYC Java Meetup - more below

We also have hands-on coding study groups in areas such as Sun Certification(s) and Java Enterprise (EJB 3), Java Mobile and more. Our attendance at general meetings is currently between 65-100 and our study groups between 10-30. Between and the NYC Java Meetup we have more than 1500 members.

Attendance at our study group meetings generally do not require RSVP (unless posted) and are open to the general public for free except that we do recommend NYPC membership (only $45/yr) to help with costs such as the office/classroom at the New Yorker Hotel (fully tax deductible) One benefit to becoming a NYPC member is a email address (as available). The NYCJava_net Yahoo group has 150+ members and is open only to members who attend the meetings.

This SIG has been in existence in one form or another since 1986 (previously known as the C++ and Java SIG and originally founded as the C SIG). The traditional first Thursday general meetings have featured renown speakers such as Bjarne Stroustrup, Grady Booch, John Vlissides, Doug Lea and many other luminaries over the years. In recent years the SIG has focused primarily on Java technologies but has also covered other software technologies, methodologies and programming languages.

If you are interested in speaking or promoting a technology, product, book, service or job opportunity,
feel free to contact us or simply stop by a meeting.

JUG Leader: Dario Laverde DL - JUG co-leader: Timothy Fagan
Assistant Organizers: Gary Russo GR, Lance Nanek

Related NYC area Java groups:

We are one of two NYC area Java User Groups, the other being Frank Greco's NYJavaSIG.

There are also Java User Groups in New Jersey and Connecticut (see for a complete list of Java User Groups).


The NYC Java Meetup group ( which is a social networking group with round table presentations/demos from members (depending on meeting venue) also features guest speakers. Organizer: Dario Laverde DL - Assistant Organizer: Gary Russo GR

NOTE: this Meetup is now the monthly general meeting of this JUG. To avoid confusion, they are both referred together as the NYC Java Meetup JUG

Additional "sister" Meetups:

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